Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring is in the Air - Time to Organize!

I am so excited spring is just around the corner because it means time for tulips, sunshine and spring cleaning! Every spring the I get the itch to start organizing and cleaning.  One of the first places I use my spring cleaning efforts is my closet! 

With a small closet, real estate is precious and every year I discover some many clothes I don't wear taking up this valuable space.  The rule of thumb I follow is if I didn’t wear it at least once last season I donate it.  The same rule applies to (gulp) my shoes. And every year I discover so many pairs of shoes I didn't wear, sadly most are heels.  As a mom I don't wear my heels on a daily basis.  Don’t misunderstand my shoe collection is not a bunch of ergonomically correct clogs, I still have plenty of “hot” shoes to wear on date-nights.  Not only do I feel a sense of accomplishment when I walk into my freshly organized closet with some empty hangers, but it is so nice to donate my gently used clothing to a cause!

Aside from organizing my closet, I always revisit my costume jewelry each season. One of the best organizing tips for earrings is using fishing tackle tray to display all my ear candy! I can finally see every pair in the morning when I am getting ready.  Here is another idea I found on Pinterest for organizing your jewels! 

Check out other spring cleaning/organizing ideas and some fun spring kids crafts on our Pinterest board: Spring is in the Air To learn more about one of Seattle’s best preschool sand drop-off childcare programs visit and