Monday, January 2, 2017

Indoor Winter Activities!

With winter here the time spent outside is limited so here 4 fun things you can do with the kids during those cold winter months!

1. Bring them to the Cottage!

We have a huge open play area with lots of toys, books, puzzles and climbing structures there's never a dull moment here! Monday's Mr. Ryan  our music teacher comes, Wednesday and Thursday we have a dance and movement class and on Fridays we have show and tell! Not to mention everyday the kids make and take home very fun art projects reflecting the theme of the month!

2. Let them help out in the kitchen!

Kids love feeling apart of whatever mom and dad are doing, letting them help with meals or even just planning a special treat to make together would make them feel like important helpers!
3. Read together!

Snuggle up on the couch and let the pick their favorites! You'll have some qt:)

4. Indoor Scavenger hunt!

Create a indoor scavenger hunt, by using pictures let them find those things and have a fun reward for them when they find everything!