Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thanksgiving Recipes the kids can help with!

It's already mid fall and November is here, which means that Thanksgiving is upon us! Which also means the chaos of cooking Thanksgiving dinner! This year get the kids involved with simple recipes that will keep them occupied and out of trouble as well as getting to spend quality time with them making a meal for the family they wont forget!

Here are 5 Easy meals the kids can help with:

1. The staple of all Thanksgiving dinners Mashed Potatoes

Boil the potatoes, peel add the milk butter and seasoning let the kids smash away!

2. The classic dessert Pumpkin Pie
Let young and older children alike mix all the ingredients together. They will love adding the spices and seeing how the ingredients come together to make a delicious dessert.

3.Turkey Stuffing

Let them mix all the ingredients into a boil.

4.Veggie or Fruit Platter
Cut up all the fruit or veggies and let them set it out on the platter.

5. Thanksgiving themed cupcakes
Have them help bake the cupcakes and supply all the decorations and let their creativity take control!

For more Recipes or Ideas check out or Thanksgiving Board on Pinterest