Monday, February 2, 2015

Homemade Valentines: What's Not to Love?

January went by in a flash and here we are with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! It’s amazing how fast time goes…especially with two kids now.  I have to start thinking about my second daughter’s 1st  birthday already, but that’s another post down the road.

There’s a lot I love about Valentine’s Day; especially because it’s a holiday all about love. But, at the same time I don’t love all the candy that comes along with it. My daughter loves candy, but she loves toys and doing fun art projects just as much. She gets super excited when we sit down and create valentines together. She loves to help pick which toy each of her friends is going to get and which craft we will do for the grandparents. Here are some cute Valentine’s Day cards and crafts that are easy to make and really cute too!

“Love Comes in All Sizes”
This is adorable for the grandparents if you have multiple children or just one.  Each child can do a heart with their thumbprints and be done with each project in less than 10 minutes.  This can be done on a canvas found at Michael’s or on a plain piece of paper. Adorable!

“I Love You to Pieces!”
This adorable card is also a great option for Valentine’s Day Cards too!  I made this last year for the grandparents. You could use a different color of paper for the background and add a brighter pop of color!

"You Make My Heart Race!"
Who doesn’t love a new toy car? This cute car valentine is a perfect option for those kiddos who like to play with cars!

“I’ve had my eye on you!”
For those kids who love to explore, a Magnifying Glass Valentine is the perfect choice! Kids can use it anywhere to take a closer look!

“Some hearts beat, but my heart bounces for you!”
All sorts of fun can be had with bouncy balls! For the bag toppers check out this website

“You make my heart glow!”
To make any evening infinitely more fun, how about a glow stick? These cute glow stick valentines are sure to please!

I’d love to hear about your favorite ideas for cute Valentines for kids! Have a very happy Valentine’s Day!