Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Affordable Seattle Summer Fun!

Summer is officially here! I love everything about summer; time just seems to slow down a bit since we aren’t rushing everywhere. But with the slower pace, also comes the long summer days that can sometimes be hard to fill. We signed up for a couple of summer camps, but besides that, I’ve been looking for a few cheap or free activities to fill in around the summer camps, library story times and swimming lessons. Here are some of the activities and events I’ve found that I’m super excited to check out this summer as well as some activities we’ve been to in the past and loved!

Summer Concerts in the Park

I feel so lucky to live in an area that has such a wide array of kid-friendly summer concerts. Seattle
has a lot of family-friendly concerts in nearby parks in Seattle and on the Eastside. And for a lot of
the concerts, admission is free. Check out Red Tricycle’s website for a list of locations, artists, dates and times!

Spray Parks and Wading Pools
Seattle has such a great array of parks! On those really hot days I love taking the kids to splash around in the spray parks. Our favorite is the Willis D. Tucker Spray Park in Snohomish, although it’s a little farther away, it’s so much fun and has little bits of shade to splash in as well as a great playground and some nice picnic spots. Visit Seattle’s website for a list of other wading pools and spray parks open this season. Or check out ParentMap’s list of spray parks for more places to check out! 

Family Friendly Activities
It seems like each weekend there are festivals of some sort going on. From Seafair events, including the Greenlake Milk Carton Derby and Pirates Landing on Alki, to Thomas the Train Rides in Snoqualmie and so many other festivals, we could really attend a different festival each weekend. We typically just go to one or two each summer. Our favorite is the Greenlake Milk Carton Derby where kids and adults build boats out of empty milk cartons and then race them. So fun! This year we will check out a couple of other festivals too. Events12 has a great list of activities all over Washington by month.

 I’d love to hear about what you like to do during these summer months too! Happy summer!

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