Thursday, March 24, 2016

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas!

Spring is finally here, which means that Easter is right around the corner! This year it’s earlier than usual, which means there is not much time to fill those baskets. In a constant effort to encourage healthier choices, I decided to skip all the treats in our Easter Baskets this year. In the past, I usually included one or two sweet treats, since I know how much they enjoy the treats, but I also know that special toys are a delight too. This year I decided to theme the baskets for what the girls are super interested in. Here are some other non-candy ideas I found and loved for Easter Baskets!

1. Art basket: For the budding artist!
Paint smock, new water colors, coloring book, colored pencils, and sidewalk chalk

2. Beach basket:  For an upcoming trip to the beach!
Beach towel, sunglasses, sand toys and flip flops

3. Gardening basket: For those who love to dig in the dirt!
Seeds, character gardening gloves, bug catching box, gardening tools, watering can

4. Spa basket: For the girly girl of the family!
Bubble bath, nail polish, lip gloss, small purse

5. Inspiring Chef basket: For mom’s little baker!          
Play food, cookie cutters, sprinkles, apron, cute cupcake papers

6. Racing basket: For the kid that loves things that go!
Cars, small race track, book about cars, toy train

7. Mishmash basket: For kids that love all sorts of fun!
Giant bouncy ball, play dough, bubble gun, Frisbee, board game

Other ideas:
  1. a new book
  2. stickers
  3. puzzles
  4. water bottle or sippy cup
  5. fun and colorful socks
What fun things are you filling your child’s Easter Basket with this year? Do you tend to lean toward food or toys or something else?

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