Monday, May 23, 2016

Gardening with Kids: Easy to Grow Plants

Spring has definitely sprung, which means it’s past time to plant our garden. It’s been such a beautiful spring this year with lots of sunshine and warm weather! I love planting a garden. It’s such a fun way to get kids involved and learning about where our food comes from. And fresh veggies from the garden are delicious! Some plants are definitely easier to grow than others. I rarely have luck with carrots, and corn always looks fun while it’s growing, but is so hard to grow cobs with all their kernels that I’ve given up on them. Here are a few plants that I’ve had continued success with in the past.

Who doesn’t love pumpkins? Pumpkin plants get huge and although they have slightly pokey vines, they are so fun to watch grow. We like to guess how many pumpkins we’ll get from each plant.
I love planting sunflowers with my kids. They are quick to sprout, grow really fast and produce beautiful flowers. And if I’m feeling ambitious, we harvest the seeds from the flower to grow the following year.

Peas and Beans
Fresh peas and beans from the garden are delicious. I always buy the bush variety instead of the pole variety so I don’t have to string them up. But I’ve seen lots of super cute teepees on Pinterest made from the pole bean variety, a few poles tied together and seeds planted at the base of each pole. I’ve been very tempted to try this out, but bush beans and peas are super easy to grow and require very little maintenance. The Blue Lake type is my favorite!

What do you like to plant with your kids?

For more ideas on how to garden with your kids, check out our Pinterest board “Gardening with Kids”.


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