Thursday, December 1, 2016

Easy Homemade Holiday Decor!

Looking for some fun, cute, inexpensive homemade decorations! Look no further, here are 5 DIY crafts you can do with the kids to spread that Holiday cheer!

1. Holiday Shakers

You can get the salt shakers from the dollar store along with figurines and turn your salt shakers into a winter wonderland!

2.Advent Calendar

Use tiny paper envelopes and decorate, and count down the days till Christmas with special treats, candies and toys!

3. Coffee Filter Garland

Use filters and randomly put them together to get this beautiful garland!


 4. Pine Cone Ornaments

Let the kids creativity go wild with paint and glitter make keepsakes to cherish for many Christmas to come!

5. Photo Wreath 

Get some hot glue and loved pictures of family and friends, make copies in black and white put along on a wire and you get this amazing wreath of memories!


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  2. Homemade holiday decors are for fun and entertainment of kids. One can turn their salt shaker into Winterland and go wild with the paint and glitters on the pine cone to decorate and spread the holiday cheer.

  3. There are many ideas to create homemade decors which needs efforts instead of money. A photo wreath made from the collection of black and white pictures can be fun and inexpensive Holiday decor.